Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Finished With Finals!! So Here Are Some Updates....

This semester has been so crazy that I haven't had much time to write blogs, so I'm going to try and post some of the things I haven't had time to post this week. 

Back in August, I finished up a website for a band that Bill and I are friends with called Bethany Heights. I went all out with making this one really over the top since it is a band site. The art in the background is from their cd cover. I made the site in a liquid design so it resizes to fit the size of the screen. Go check it out! www.trikshotrecords.com

This is the mobile version that you would be directed to if you tried viewing it on your phone. My favorite part about it is that the new version of HTML allows you to play music straight from the browser, so people can listen to Bethany Heights' music straight from their phone.

For finals, I just finished a couple of huge projects. The first was my project for my e-commerce class. We had to create an e-commerce website (a website with a shopping cart and functional checkout) using the principals of good e-commerce design that we had learned in the class. I decided to create an e-commerce version of Bill's Downstream Photography website where he can sell framed photos. Creating e-commerce websites is a lot of work. There are quite a lot more things to consider and more pages to create. For instance, I had to create an individual page for each product. I also had to implement a shopping cart and then add styles to the pre-existing shopping cart and checkout to make it match my website. This took me two weeks of non-stop work to put together. Unfortunately, I can't show it yet, since we have to get everything in place to print and ship images. So, I'll have to wait until the spring to show you that site.

I can, however, show you my second project. For my Adobe Illustrator class, we had to create a comic book cover with ourselves as the main character. This took me a long time! We had to use one or two pictures of ourselves and the tools available to us in Illustrator. Bill helped me choose the name "Night Owl." We looked through some roller derby name generators and as soon as we saw this one, we knew it was perfect. In this scene, I am supposed to be the brooding over what evil my arch-nemesis might be up to over the horizon...