Friday, October 7, 2011

Recording: Day 2

Wednesday was our second day of recording and it was quite a day! We started at noon and ended at 10:30. When we got to the studio, our first task was to finish drum tracking on Answers, Found, Eleanor Rigby, Across War Torn Lands, and Keygripped. Tracking drums takes a lot longer than most people would think. They are not really an instrument where the sound engineer can just pick a particular part of the track and have the drummer re-play that part where the kick drum wasn't quite on rhythm. It never quite sounds right that way, no matter how much editing the sound engineer might do later. If James makes a mistake, we have to play the entire track again, so recording the drum part to five songs takes a considerable amount of time. We were able to finish tracking the rest of the 10 drum parts in about three hours. After this, Jon and his intern had to take down all the drum mics and get ready to mic all the stringed instruments and vocals so we went to lunch. We went to the Chuckbox on University and Mill. I had this:

It's called the Tijuana Torpedo. Those are green chilis. Mmmmmmmmmm.

When we got back to the studio, Jon and his intern put mics on all of our cabs and we got started recording.

Everyone played their instrument inside the sound booth while their amps were miked in the large room so no sounds of breathing, walking, coughing, etc. came through the microphone.
Vocals! Seen through the glass in the sound booth.
Nate recording his part for harvesting habits. 
James "eating the microphone," although I'm not sure
James playing back a drum track so we can hear if there are any mistakes. 
The analog gear rack. Pretty cool. Jon will run our tracks through this gear during mixing and mastering.
The owner of the studio is a member of the Gin Blossoms. He has skateboards displayed all over the walls of the studio.
The computer.
James playing back some drum tracks.
Rocking out to Across War Torn Lands!!

Read my next blog to hear about day three! More pictures and video to come!

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