Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012: Day 8

On Friday morning, we woke up early to go see the Mud Volcano area before we packed up and headed back toward home.

Some birds along the way.
A geothermal area along the side of the road.
The mud volcano area is made up of several muddy pools with gaseous bubbles and sulfuric acid. Some of these pools have erupted and spewed mud in the past, but aren't doing that right now.
This pool was bubbling quite a bit. You can see mine and Bill's reflections in the steam.
Since we were up early, the Mud Volcano area was nearly deserted. Bill and I were walking along the boardwalk and came upon this buffalo. He looked up and gave us a very menacing look. There are many signs all over Yellowstone saying that tourists have been "gored by buffalo." Needless to say, we gave him a wide berth...
One of the bubbling pools steaming in the morning air.

The Black Dragon's Caludron is a very large pool. It's difficult to see its size here, but you will be able to see it in the compilation video.
A bubbling puddle.
This pool had so many gaseous bubbles coming up that it actually created waves and a mini shoreline.
A sulfuric stream.

This is what I think of when I see this robin:

I love this movie...

I'm thinking maybe this robin has heard that a few too many times?

This steam really stunk like sulfur.
The pools in the Mud Volcano area are the most acidic in the park. In this spot, the steam has worn away the grate. It also discolored the wood railing and stone walls. If you look in the picture below, you'll notice that the wood is stained this dark blue color. This is from the steam.
A hole in the parking lot. I guess a thermal feature started to break through after they'd paved it?

After going to the Mud Volcano area, Bill and I packed up our camp and headed south through the Grand Tetons (K on the map) and all the way to Price Utah (L on the map)

On our way out, we saw a large crowd of people stopped on the side of the road looking at this mamma grizzly bear and her two babies. They were very far away. This was the best I could photograph them with an 80x digital zoom.
Shooting Star flowers.
An Elk

He was done with us lol.

Below is my compilation of all the video clips from Yellowstone. Enjoy!

I recommend viewing this in full screen. If you have a good internet connection and computer, you can change the settings to 1080p.

The Grand Tetons again :)

Bill and I decided to go looking for some moose. We have been trying to see a moose ever since our Alaska trip two years ago and we heard this was the area to see them.

Unfortunately, we didn't see any moose, but we found some pretty spots. 
We stopped back through Jackson, Wyoming for some geocaching and saw these awesome antler arches. 

Day 9 coming soon!

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