Sunday, November 4, 2012


This year I didn't actually celebrate Halloween on the 31st. By that point I had a cold and decided to just leave a bowl of candy on the porch with the "Take one or two" sign so I could lay around in bed. I had fully expected that I'd have one or two greedy teenagers empty the whole bowl into their sack, what I hadn't expected was that one of them would actually TAKE MY BOWL thirty minutes after I put it outside. If I hadn't felt awful, I would have driven around my neighborhood and hunted them down (once a teacher, always a teacher! lol). Instead, I put more candy in a styrofoam ice chest with a sign:

My candy chest

My actual Halloween celebration happened the Saturday before. My band had a show at the Sail Inn for No label AZ Radio. Being that Halloween is my favorite holiday, I had to get serious about my costume. I decided to be an evil nurse, so of course, I had to cover my costume in blood :)

The first layer. I added a lot more after I put it on. Cleaning the blood out of the shower was not so fun, however.
An evil nurse has to be able to give you a shot! Mwahahaha! I found some giant syringes and hot glued some straightened paper clips in them for "needles." Then I filled them with water and food coloring. I sealed the whole thing with more hot glue.
Bill wasn't able to come to our show that night but Angel got a pic of us.

Here's a video of us playing "Candle Wax" that night. I embedded this as a playlist, so if you've missed some of the other videos we've posted recently, they will play afterwards.

Angel and I in our evil nurse costumes.

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  1. Great blog Lauren! The pictures are amazing I wish that other people in the class would post more pictures. Great background colors especially since many of your pictures are in darker lighting. From the previous posts it seems that you are a very talented person! Keep up the great work.