Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recording: Day 1

Last night we had our first session of recording. Wohooo!! Normally, recording is not my favorite thing in the world for two reasons: The Air Conditioning Curse and Endless Repetition.

Air Conditioning:

The story behind this is that I have a curse. Every time I record, the air conditioning is broken or the person I'm recording with is crazy and insists on turning it off the entire time. Now, I understand that in certain studio situations you need to turn the air conditioning off when you're actually recording. The sound of the air can actually come through and blah, blah, blah. But we live in Arizona. When you're done recording, TURN THE AIR ON!!! I just love playing the cello when my fingers are covered in sweat and sliding all over the place so I can't stay in tune. It's awesome.

Endless Repetition:

Now I have no problem with practicing. I could practice the same piece of music over and over again for hours. It's stressed out recording repetition that I hate. When you record, it's nearly impossible to be relaxed. All you can really think about the whole time is that if you make even one single tiny mistake, even just a squeak or scratchy sound, your OCD perfectionist self is going to require you to play it again. If not, the people in the booth will. If you have to play it again, time will tick away on the clock and that's more money down the drain. AAAGHH!!

Last night luckily, wasn't bad. We had air conditioning. In fact, there were times when I was cold! I recorded my part in the sound booth and my band members were playing in the main room, which was warmer, but over all it was definitely tolerable. The only person who had to experience stressed out repetition last night was James. We were actually tracking drum parts last night, but we were all playing so that James could have the proper cues to drum to and so that we could use the recording later as a scratch track. His drums sounded great! The recording engineer really knew how to mic them perfectly and had great recording equipment. Today, our plan is to finish tracking drum parts (we finished four songs yesterday) and start recording the other instruments and vocals. Hopefully, it will go as smoothly as last night did. I'll probably have to record my cello parts today though, so here comes the stressed out repetition! ;)

This is a video about the studio we're recording at.

Check back for updates about today's recording session! Pictures and videos to come!

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