Monday, October 10, 2011

Recording: Day 3

Our third day of recording was a very busy day! It was the last day we had scheduled in the studio last week and it was our goal to finish recording all the guitar, cello, bass, and vocal parts for our remaining eight songs. We started with all of Devin's parts at 10:30 in the morning. We had to take a break at two for a studio staff change and lunch. Then I recorded all of my parts, followed by Rock and Nate. We didn't quite have enough time to finish recording all of Rock's vocal parts, so we'll have to go back for one more day of vocal recording this upcoming week. After that it will be time for the mixing and mastering process and then CD release. Yay!!
Devin recording the vocals to Dagger.
Jon, our sound engineer.
Rock hanging out while I record cello parts.
Me getting ready to record my part to Across War Torn Lands while Rock pretends to play the cello Lol.

Hmm...looks like we've moved in.
Sara, Nate's wife, filming while Rock records vocals.
Gabby, James' wife, checking facebook. I like the awesome motion blur!
Nate, waiting to play his bass parts. 
I'm not sure which song Rock is recording here.
It's finally Nate's turn!

James flexing his crazy drummer muscles.
Here's a short preview of some of the clips from our upcoming recording video and recording bloopers video. Enjoy!


  1. sounds exciting.. can't wait to hear the full cd

  2. wow.I've never done that in my life.Congratulations!Visit my blog and if you like then why dont we follow each other :)
    Have a nice day love!