Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PoorWater Update!

This has been very busy last couple of months for my band, PoorWater! We've played shows around Phoenix, traveled down to Tucson, and are going into the studio to record our first full length album starting tonight! I plan to give daily updates (and hopefully some pictures/video) of our recording progress, so make sure to check back. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the last couple of months:


On July 17th we played a showcase for Rotten Records at the Clubhouse. This was our first all ages show and it was a lot of fun. Some of Nate's younger nieces, nephews, and cousins were able to come see the show and were some of the most enthusiastic crowd members we've ever had. We also had some great commentary from the peanut gallery, with Nate's brother yelling that Rock was a hobbit from the bar in the back.

Photos and Videos by Bill Collins


On August 6th, we played a show at Hollywood Alley with our friends Latency and In Search of a Word. We had an awesome rambunctious audience of family and friends!

Rock looking badass.
The ladies of In Search of a Word.
Three members of PoorWater performing "Dust," a song we usually reserve for acoustic performances.


In September, we took a trip down to Tucson, my hometown, to play a show at Plush. I got to show my band members around (most of them had never spent time in Tucson) and play at one of my favorite college hang-outs. We played with In Search of a Word and The Wolfgang to an active crowd. And of course, we ate at The Grill afterwards ;)



This month, we have some exciting concerts coming up! We're playing a show at Joe's Grotto this weekend with our friends, Latency, and a few other bands. The following weekend, we're playing a show with 10 Years, a national band that has had quite a bit of radio play and a number one hit, the song "Wasteland". We're extremely excited about it!!

Check back tomorrow to hear updates about our recording progress!

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