Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Wave Cave

It seems like everyone I know has a rough month and is in need of a vacation, so I'll be posting some "mini-vacation posts" for the next few days. Some of these will be recent, some will be posts that I never got around to putting up when they happened. We'll start with this weekend.

On Sunday, Bill and I decided to go on a new hike in the Superstitions. We found a posting on a local hiking site about a place called the "Wave Cave" and we decided to go check it out.

Bill and I started out at about 2, so it was still pretty hot and we were pretty exposed. The trail wasn't much of a trail at all, but there were cairns along the way, so it wasn't quite a "Larry Trail" (My family's name for blazing your own trail).
Bill taking a rest and surveying the scenery once we reached some shade.
From far away I could tell there was something under these rocks, but I couldn't tell what it was. I didn't know until I got home and looked at the pictures that it was a toy. I wonder what the story is?
Our view when we were almost to the cave. We climbed all the way from that road down below. It wasn't easy!
The inside of the cave. It was quite large. The pile of rocks you see on the ground is a place where someone had made a campfire.
Water seeps into the back of the cave. When you enter the cave, you can hear that there are actually hives in the walls right there. Bill and I saw bees and wasps or hornets (we weren't sure which) flying in and out of those holes the entire time.
Bill taking a shot of "The Wave"
And of course, I have to point out that people are awful. It looked as if this had simply been scratched into the dirt on the rock and not drawn on there, so hopefully it won't last long. I don't know why people think that we want to see their graffiti all over something cool that we came to see.
A shot Bill took of me looking at the wave.
Bill on the wave.

  Just doing some yoga poses.
The view from on top of the the wave.

There were quite a few huge cactus wren nests like this one in the chollas. It was about the size of a soccer ball.
This is the base of a set of saguaro ribs laying on its side.
The sun setting cast a beautiful red glow on the surrounding rock formations.

I almost stepped on this guy as we were hiking back to our car. He was running away as fast as he could!

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