Friday, June 24, 2011

Crazy Road Trip Summer 2011: Day 3

After our awesome day in the redwoods, we spent most of the next day driving to our campsite in Russian Gulch. We started out with a drive through the Avenue of the Giants, which is another cool redwood forest south of Eureka. One of the really interesting things about redwoods is that when they get too big they seem to just fall over. Their root systems look really interesting from underneath:

I just wonder what that sounds like and if it just happens randomly or if it usually is preceded by rain or other forces of nature. It seemed like the Avenue of the Giants had more of these fallen trees.

We kept driving down the coast and found all sorts of interesting hippie stores and little towns in the middle of the forest. We stopped at one of them and got some awesome fudge and I got an awesome tie dye dress!
Not long after the hippie shop, we made it to one of the three drive-through redwoods in California, Chandelier tree. My honda fit barely made it through!

The view from the inside:

After a long, winding drive through the forest, we finally reached the scenic highway 1 coastline.
At about 4 in the afternoon we reached our campsite at Russian Gulch. We were camped by a stream down the way from this really cool bridge.
We were also right by windy bluffs and crashing waves.
It was beautiful, but cold! I really enjoyed taking pictures of all the wildflowers. They were my favorite part!

Check back tomorrow to hear about Day 4 when we started in Yosemite! To see all of my pictures from Russian Gulch, check out my facebook album