Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music Video Update 1

We started filming our music video for "Existential Crisis" a couple of weeks ago at our show at Martini Ranch. Bill took video of us playing "Existential Crisis" during our show as well as video of Michael (my cousin and the star of our video) rocking out in the crowd. This is for a section later in the video where Michael leaves the dreariness of his cubicle and goes to a PoorWater concert :)

Us on stage at Martini Ranch.
 My Dad, Grandpa, and Michael rocking their PoorWater t-shirts!

Yesterday, we started filming the cubicle portion of the video.

 James and Rock are putting the cubicle together. Everything that is "work oriented" has been hand made out of cardboard and duct tape by the band members.

 Michael showing exactly what he thinks of cubicles.
 Hard at work? ;)
Bill taking some test shots of Michael.
Love it.
 Paper Clip Holder
Tanline Stapler ;)
  Some motivational posters...

More to come soon! If you aren't familiar with our song "Existential Crisis," you can listen to it here.


  1. LOL love the desk and the office supplies: )

  2. Hey Lauren, tell Rock I recognize the motivational "Smile and Dial"...I worked where he worked a long time ago! That is so funny!


  3. LOL I told Rock about that and he cracked up that you picked up on where that came from!