Friday, July 19, 2013

Finished My JavasScript Class!

Well, I haven't finished my blog postings about the Colorado Trip (I have seven more days to go...) because I've been hard at work finishing up my JavaScript class. It was definitely a challenging, but a good experience and I will be using many of the skills I learned on future websites. For my final project in the class, I had to create a portfolio of some of the techniques I learned (similar to the Actionscript Portfolio I made a couple of months ago). I had to create a photo gallery, a tutorial of one of my favorite JavaScript applications from the class, a form that validates the information the user fills in, and a dropdown menu.

The photo gallery. View it here.

A side note about browsers: All browsers work a little bit differently and some behave better when it comes to design and functionality. Firefox and Chrome are better browser choices than Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. When you view sites in Firefox or Chrome, you are most likely seeing what the web designer/developer actually intended. Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, however, have a tendency to do strange things, especially if you are using an older version. Firefox and Chrome are also the browsers that most web designers/developers use. If you use Internet Explorer or Safari as your web browser on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you stop using them and download Firefox or Chrome.

My tutorial on how to create a sortable table using JavaScript. The sections of highlighted code your see are created using JavaScript code called SyntaxHighlighter. View the tutorial here.

My user information form. It checks to see whether you have entered valid zip code values, etc. Feel free to try it out. Your information will not actually be submitted to a server or a mailing list, however, it's just for demonstration purposes :).

My drop down menu.

Now, back to work on my blog about day three of the Colorado trip!

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