Sunday, November 13, 2011

PoorWater Update

So much news!!!


PoorWater has entered 98 KUPD's yearly contest for charity called Playdio. This is a contest where local bands make a donation to this year's charity (the Arizona Humane Society) in order to have the opportunity for their song to be played on the radio for at least a minute. The contest is happening on November 21st and 22nd on 98 KUPD's morning show, Holmberg's Morning Sickness. The DJs are required to play at least one minute of the song, after which they are allowed to "gong" the song out if they don't like it. Once all three DJs have "gonged" the song, they turn it off. From the 30 bands entered in the contest, they will chose five to play a concert on the night of November 22nd opening for Steel Panther (the guys who do "Death to All But Metal"). The band who receives the most money for the Humane Society that night wins a slot in a KUPD festival in 2012. We're hoping to be one of the lucky five! Or even the lucky one!

This is the song we've entered in the contest:


We have an album coming out! We have been hard at work recording songs and working with our sound engineer to get the perfect mixes. Our album release party is going to be on Friday December 2nd at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ. Check out our album promo video:

No set of recording videos would be complete without a blooper reel (Warning: some strong language--but hey, you'd be cussing too if you'd played and messed up on that same part thirty times!).

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