Monday, November 7, 2011

It started with Tea...

On Thursday last week, my mom and I went to tea at the English Rose Tea House in Carefree, AZ. High tea is one of my favorites, especially the scones. My family has a bit of an obsession with tea. My grandma, Kathy (my mom’s mom), loved tea and had a huge collection at her house. My mom has been known to take thermoses and jars full of tea to work on a daily basis. I also love tea. I actually have drawer full of tea bags that I’ve organized into black tea, green tea, white tea, and herbal tea. Stash is my favorite brand.

My tea drawer.

My mom and I had this:

The perfect cup of tea. Jasmine green tea with raw sugar and milk. Mmmmm.
My tea pot.
Our three tiers. Look at the giant scones!
My mom in her "party hat." They have a whole chest of them available to borrow at the tea house.
Me in my hat.
We ran into the queen! (Not really...)

After tea, we went shopping for a little while and then met Bill to go hiking. We headed back out to Usery Park (so pretty!) to get some sunset pictures. My mom and Bill had never been there before.

To continue our British culinary filled day, we ate at the Cornish Pasty for dinner. Pasties started in the tin mining days. See the full story here. They are kind of like a calzone except they are usually filled with a "meat and potatoes" kind of filling.

I had the Carne Adovada, a Mexican flavored pasty filled with a pork and green and red chile stew. My mom had the Rosemary Chicken pasty, and Bill had the Bangers and Mash pasty. They were all amazing!


  1. That Looks so much fun! I love tea parties! I'm so glad its finally getting cold :) James and I have been drinking tea almost every night.

  2. We should have an awesome tea party...